Weeks 9 – 11

During the next couple of weeks we shared the news with a few close friends. It was weird to tell friends – something about the attention and while I was happy that people were excited, I was also felt odd having this secret that some people knew about and others didn’t.  I didn’t have to feel bad about keeping this secret for long. The big “reveal” was just around the corner – Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we were both very nervous but as is to be expected, people were excited for the new addition – the first in my extended family, the second for my husband’s extended family. Little did I know that the tiny baby inside me had stopped growing. I didn’t feel different, I didn’t know what was happening (or more precisely not happening).

Now that my extended family knew, I felt more comfortable sharing with others. The Monday after Thanksgiving I was talking to my boss about other things, and while I hadn’t planned to tell her just yet, it seemed right. I wasn’t nervous about telling her – she’s a great boss and we’ve previously had conversations about how I eventually plan to have kids. As it turns out I’m grateful I told her, because at the end of the week I had my 12-week appointment. The appointment that didn’t go according to plan.

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