Telling the Parents

Our plan all along was to tell our parents at eight weeks. We were originally thinking that we’d share the news after our 8-week appointment, but my father-in-law invited us down for a family dinner on the Sunday before our appointment and we decided that was the right time to tell them. I was nervous – very very nervous. I was scared they would think they were too young to have a grandchild, or that they wouldn’t think it was the right time, or… I don’t know all of my fears – I just know I was nervous. Of course it was all for naught – they were thrilled! I think the sweetest moment was when my father-in-law said he was going to buy our child all of the Mr/Miss books and read to them all the time. He was so exciting just thinking about it.

We told my parents the next day. My mom shrieked for joy and my dad was also happy. My anxiety about telling people is now gone. The only people whose reactions mattered have been told. They are all happy and everything going forward will be easy (in retrospect I suppose those were famous last words).

I’ve been continuing to listen to a number of pregtastic episodes and I’ve just gotten into the batch with a friend as one of the podcasters. AHH! I want to talk to her so much about pregnancy. Every time I see her online I want to tell her how wonderful it is to listen to her sharing her experiences (and making me feel normal – yes, she also wondered “well, wait, am I actually pregnant if I don’t have morning sickness?”). I’m waiting, being patient – but I can’t wait to tell the girls who were on pregtastic how grateful I am that they participated in the podcast. It’s been a great resource during these early weeks before we’ve really shared the news with anyone.

My one real and true pregnancy symptom – fatigue and lots of it. I am hitting a major slump every afternoon. My energy is low, I’m sleeping 9 hours/night and I still have a hard time waking up each morning. I am growing a person and all, but sometimes I just feel lazy (and then I fall asleep before I can worry about it more).

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