Two months ago, I went through a miscarriage – a missed miscarriage to be exact. During that time I did a lot of writing to process my emotions and just let some of the dialogue in my head out. During my miscarriage I came across two blogs that were really helpful – one post dealt with the logistics of the process (Babyburnham) and the other blog (HeirtoBlair) was linked to me by a friend and it was amazing how useful it was to read another person’s experiences – not just the during, but everything you go through after a miscarriage as well.
After awhile, I began thinking about everything I had written and also at how useful it was for me to read about the experience of another person so I began wondering – Do I share this with my friends? Do I share this with strangers? My initial response was no, it was just too painful, too soon. But now I’m stronger and would like to share this – if for no other reason than to help one more person – maybe another person who has to go through a miscarriage, maybe a friend of a person who is going through a miscarriage who just wants to understand a bit more. I suppose also at the end of the day, it’s for me.

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